About us

Circular Plastics Alliance is an initiative of Circular Plastics and its partners.

Our Alliance was established in 2019 and our founders together have at least ’20 decades’ of experience in the recycling of plastics, packaging design, production and logistics.

We started Circular Plastics Alliance due to the growing demand of major players in diverse industries to help them create a closed loop in their logistic chain. Since 2015 Circular Plastics has been working on innovations within, for instance, the horticulture and floriculture sector, the construction industry and air cargo companies. The recycling activities of the Circular Plastics Alliance partners guarantee the access to 300.000 TNE (tons) of carefully selected high quality, recycled plastics with a presence in 24 countries in Europe.

These high-quality plastics are 100% reprocessed by using Circular technology and reused in sustainable flower foil, plastic labels for plants, plastic pallets and boxes with a lifespan of 7-10 years etc.

 “Let’s create a cleaner world together”

From left to right: Henk Kras (Director), Yvonne Thans-Thomas Executive Assistant, Johan Thans (Director), Jaap Buis (Director)