Added value

Concrete results of our joint projects will support your sustainable image and enhance your environmental credibility towards your customers and network. Your Social Corporate Responsibility statements can be enriched by the positive impact on your CO2 footprint as a result of our Circular innovations.

The added value of the Circular Plastics Alliance is broad and includes various aspects of the chain:

  • It offers solutions in the entire logistic value chain: from growers to consumer B2B and B2C.
  • The ‘Best in Class’ designers, producers, distributors, collectors and recyclers ensure a close harmony between both durable ecologic savings and sustainable logistic savings.
  • All circular technologies for upcycling and re-using plastics, are developed in-house.
  • Global presence of Circular Plastics Alliance with great partners: references and members.
  • Complete portfolio of circular solutions starting from primary packaging up to secondary- and transport packaging.
  • Circular Plastics Alliance aims at a full potential reuse of 100% collected and recycled plastics. (This is even more ambitious than ‘the Plastic pact the Netherlands’ targeting 30% in 2025).
wat doet Circular Plastics Alliance