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CircularBag and GP Groot

Circular Plastics Alliance member GP Groot is putting our CircularBag to great use, as they recently launched their own CircularBag. They use it to collect foils from their customers. After use, GP Groot collects them again and recycles them completely. This CircularBag carries the GP Groot logo.

The CircularBag

The CircularBag is an example of waste separation where sustainability and production optimisation go hand in hand. The cooperation between Circular Plastics and GP Groot has resulted in a closed chain for recycling plastic foils. The CircularBag is all about recycling: thanks to the CircularBag, we can turn used foils into new, 100% recycled foils. And even the CircularBag itself is made of 90% recycled plastic.

From collection bag, to waste, to new collection bag

Manon Kroes, project manager GP Groot Recycling: “With the 100% circular collection bag, we recycle our customers’ waste foils over and over again. The customer itself collects its foils separately. GP Groot then collects the full collection bags and recycles them into granulate. The producer blows new collection bags from the granulate. After which the customer can use her recycled collection bags again. A great way to save raw materials and come full circle with our customers.”

Read more about GP Groot’s pilot here and read more about the CirularBag here.

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