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HSB bouw participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

We warmly welcome HSB bouw (HSB) as a new Circular Plastics Alliance member. Appropriately, the tombstone was handed over on the building site.

HSB develops and realizes sustainable construction projects for developers and housing associations, particularly in the north-west and central Netherlands. Commitment, craftsmanship and a no-nonsense approach is what HSB stands for.

HSB has been committed to ecological construction for many years. Consider the impact of steel, cement, aluminum, glass wool and other building materials and add the energy required for mobility and the use of tools. In an impactful way, HSB puts ecological building weight in the scale for a good balance in the field of sustainability.

It is nice to report that the Circular Plastics Alliance team will work in close collaboration with all HSB subcontractors on the prestigious project: “The most sustainable construction project of 2021“. The objective of HSB is, among other things, to reduce construction waste by making packaging materials and associated waste flows circular and thus creating the cleanest construction site with professional environmental streets. Great ideas have already been worked out to which other Circular Plastics Alliance members will also contribute.

The addition of HSB to the Circular Plastics Alliance allows us to properly map out opportunities for circularity in the construction sector. With its project-based approach and large construction projects, HSB is a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.

In the photo from left to right: Circular Plastics: Louis Sciarli, Johan Thans, Henk Kras, HSB Construction: Camiel Honselaar, Eric Wenteler, William Bosschaart.

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