As an Alliance we have goals. At this point we are aiming for an agreement between the Circular Business Partners towards a common goal and a shared benefit for the whole carefully selected group of participants as a result of this cooperation. As a result of that:

  • We encourage the design and production of plastic products that are 100% recyclable and suitable for reuse in a closed loop.
  • We reduce unnecessary plastic use and petroleum-based plastic by at least 40% through targeted R&D and ongoing innovations.
  • We improve the current collection, sorting and recycling capacity by at least 50% per Alliance project.
  • We use at least 50% recycled plastic in new packaging and production.
  • We do this through chain cooperation between renowned companies, each of which is market leader in their specific field in various segments such as horticulture (flowers and plants), but also in infrastructure in collaboration with various construction companies.

In these projects, Circular Plastics Alliance coordinates and simultaneously directs various innovative projects from design to recycling and sustainable reuse in a circular closed loop.

Through our hands on mentality and entrepreneurship we achieve a lead of 2 years on European and Dutch guidelines, agreements and legislation with strong USP’s for our partners who can thereby further strengthen their leadership in the various segments.

“Let’s create a cleaner world together”